About VIXI Udyog Pvt Ltd


Vixi udyog pvt Ltd specializes in providing tailored Human Capital Solutions for an array of business verticals.
At VIXI our mission is to build & maintain long term relationships with our customers based on fairness, mutual respect & collaborative problem solving in terms of IT Solutions.

Hunting, rewarding, and retaining employees is a tremendous challenge for companies of all sizes and industries, and every company gives a lot of importance to this one particular component. We understand that the right manpower at the right time is critical factor in prosperity of a company. We are committed to provide in time, customized, cost effective & reliable human capital to our client.

Our objective is to deliver quality IT and Telecom Services while incorporating supreme value to enterprises globally at an affordable price. Our outsourcing strategy provides low cost and in time solutions to our clients.

VIXI is a leading provider of enterprise solutions and services that strategically harness the power of Information and Engineering Technology to help customers maximize their business value in the new economy.

    Some of our achievements are
  • IT Implementation partner for Healthcare, Telecom and Technology Companies
  • Integrated with over 20 health plans and PBM systems in Insurance
  • Performed complex Engineering and IT Solutions and integrated with Complex Systems in Telecom, BFSI and Healthcare
  • Supporting over 700 call center users with PAHub’s secure, HIPAA
  • compliant infrastructure for Product Development Company
  • Clients realized an IRR between 66% and 199%
  • Technology outsourcing partner for fortune 500 Telecom, BFSI and Healthcare companies